10 Incredible Ways To Organise Your Garage

27 Apr, 2022
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For many of us, the garage is our happy place. It houses our tools, our fishing gear and our most prized possession – our car. But that being said, it’s kind of that weird middle ground between being our house and not being our house, so we often slacken off with the tidying and organisation of it.

Turn your garage from looking like a page out of Where’s Wally to a proper, sophisticated room in the house. Give your garage the clean-out it needs with these 10 incredible ways to organise your garage!

1) The declutter

Start by getting rid of the things you never use and have been ‘saving for that rainy day’. That day you’re waiting on usually never comes, so sell off and donate the skiing equipment, clothes and random trinkets you’ve been hording.

2) The sweep out

Grab a broom and take care of those intrusive leaves and rogue spiderwebs once and for all. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

3) The garage door service

You may think your garage is nicely organised, but if your garage door isn’t properly maintained, then you thought wrong! Give some love to the most important part of your garage: its door.

4) The cupboard upgrade

Feel like treating your garage to some new furniture? You’ll thank yourself for it. A nice new garage cupboard/storage unit will lift the atmosphere entirely.

5) The tool wall

Tool walls are absolute lifesavers (and space savers) if you’ve got a lot of tools. They’re easy to install, and super easy to hang your tools up on them.

6) The overhead shelving

If you skipped out on the decluttering step, then you simply have to invest in overhead shelving. This lets you keep the skis, the gym equipment and all the other stuff you couldn’t bear to part ways with.

7) The shelf and cupboard tidy up

Organise all your garage cupboard and shelves – put all your car cleaning products together, your oils and fluids together and your miscellaneous tools together.

8) The hang up

Yard tools are pesky things to store if you don’t have an outdoor tool shed. That’s why we say hang them up! Whether you choose overhead hanging or on the wall, it’s a great way to store yard tools.

9) The bike pulley

We hope you’re sitting down for this one, because this will blow you away: bike pulleys. Got bikes and always have trouble storing them? Store them up high, off the ground!

10) Talk to the guys at Quokka Garage Doors

Still stuck? Quokka Garage Doors have plenty of answers for you. They’ve been Perth’s garage door retail and maintenance experts for more than 20 years and can help you out with all your garage needs. Get in touch with the friendly team today.

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