Everything You Need To Know About Sectional Garage Doors

22 Jun, 2022
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Your partner loves them, your neighbours love them and the whole of Perth loves them. Nope, not the West Coast Eagles… especially not this season. We’re actually talking about sectional garage doors.

Sectional garage doors, also known as panel-lift doors, are smooth, reliable, stylish and secure. They’re one of Australia’s most popular types of garage door due to their modern design and affordability.

If you or your partner are thinking about sectional garage doors for your home, here’s a crash course we like to call Sectional Garage Doors 101. You’ll find everything you need to know in this post by Perth’s Quokka Garage Doors.

They’re modern

Although sectional garage doors were first invented in the early 1920s, they’ve maintained their sleek and contemporary look. Sectional doors elegantly rise up and down, panel by panel, to create a satisfying optical experience. They’re well-suited to all types of home, but especially newer builds.

They’re secure

Panel-lift doors are very secure. In fact, all new garage doors have high levels of security. When locked, a panel-lift door is very difficult to break into. Hinges connect the horizontal sections of these garage doors, and when you slide the door open, these hinges allow the sections to separate and roll overhead. When they’re locked, it becomes near impossible to penetrate them.

They’re customisable

If you’re looking for a bit of flair in your garage door, sectional doors are perfect for you. Far more customisable than steel roller doors, which come in a few main colours and are only available in steel, sectional garage doors can be crafted with different textures and patterns and in different colours too. Windows are also an option for sectional garage doors, giving your home a stylish yet quaint touch.

They require very little headroom

Got a garage with a low ceiling? Sectional doors save your bacon… and your headroom. If you don’t have much headroom in your garage, then sectional doors are possibly the best garage door for you as they’re stored horizontally on tracks below the ceiling when the door is in an open position. Roller doors require far more headroom than sectional and tilt doors.

They’re affordable

And the best part? Sectional doors are affordable. Not costing nearly as much as their tilt door counterparts, sectional doors are a popular choice in Australia, not only due to style, but because of their affordability. But you have to know where to shop!

Quokka Garage Doors is the place to look when you want locally-made, high quality doors. Their sectional garage doors are some of the finest in Perth, offering supreme build quality and exceptional style, wrapped up in an affordable price. Get more from your door when you stop in to visit the team at Quokka Garage Doors – a proudly local WA business.

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