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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions for Sectional Garage Doors

Lubricate springs with white lithium grease available from most hardware stores. If problem continues, check the door is not too heavy by running the door in manual and make sure the sensitivity is set up correctly as shown in the motor’s owners manual.

Clean out all tracks with warm soapy water and check springs are not rusty. If springs appear rusty, lubricate the springs. Refer to home owner’s garage door manual which will advise you on what you should and shouldn’t do.

Change the bulb – 240 volt 40w “Crompton” ES clear, round lamp.
Pull on the red manual release string hanging from the motor.
Re-engage door on to carrier by use of the red manual release string.

– 12 months on installation and hardware
– 3 months on limits, tension and sensitivity
– 5 years on motor unit only

Dry silicone spray on rollers, hinges and tracks.
Refer to trouble shooting page 18 in owners manual.
Every 12 months or sooner to prolong the life of the garage door. Failure to service may result in warranty being voided.
All doors have moving parts and need to be serviced for optimal performance. We recommend that your door be serviced at least every 12 months.

Questions for Roller Doors

Clean guides with warm soapy water otherwise call a serviceman.
Change the bulb to a 24 Volt 10 watt.

Change the battery.
Recode handset (refer below).
Check for obstruction or interference to frequency.
If Stanley handset, check to ensure that dill switches match up with the receiver.
Check that the unit is engaged on automatic operation.
Ensure that power is turned on.

With the power turned onto the unit press and release the small button (learn button) and the yellow LED will come on indicating that your unit is ready to accept code.
Press the handset button once. If the code is accepted the green LED will blink twice.
For multiple handsets code them in at this stage.
Press and release the small button (learning button) and the yellow LED will go off.

Check manual operation for correct balance, not binding. Adjust if necessary.
Spray silicone lubricant into tracks. Do not grease.
Check/adjust safety sensitivity setting.
Check limits.

At Control Box.
Check power is on to Control Unit (Red LED illuminated).
IF NOT, check mains plug and fuse.
Plug fully engage on top of Control Box.
Motor wiring connections properly engaged.
Manual release lever in “engaged” position.
Limit switch cams correctly set, i.e. upper Limit Switch for fully open position, lower Limit Switch for fully closed position.
move door manually to half-closed position and try again.
Try operation with Hand Transmitter

Grease springs. Clean guides with warm soapy water. Wash garage door.
The flashing light indicates that a pre-set amount of openings/closures has occurred and the unit is in need of servicing.

Check bottom limit switch setting.
Adjust if necessary.
Call service technician.

To disengage – Pull manual release lever (red handle) downwards.
To engage – Push manual release lever up.

Spring tension may require adjustment.
Call service technician.

A garage door is a moving mechanical product and just like a car requires regular servicing.
Check that the motor is properly engaged to automatic mode and that the locking bars are not engaged.

Questions for Automatic Openers

To Code Additional Handsets
Press “CODE” button – the letters “Su” will be displayed.
Press the button on the handset you would like to code in.
Press the same button again – “Su” will blink 3 times and extinguish.

To Erase All Handsets
Press “CODE” button – the letters “Su” will be displayed.
Continue to hold “CODE” button until “dL” is displayed.
All codes have been deleted once “dL” blinks 3 times then extinguishes.

Locate the learn button.
Press and hold the button on the remote you wish to use.
Press and immediately release the learn button.
The motor light flashes or 2 clicks will be heard when it has learnt the code.

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