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Garage Door Repair Services in Perth

If you’re not sure you’re getting out of the driveway as fast as you used to, it may be time to call the professionals. When the time comes that your garage door needs a repair, the experts at Quokka Doors should be your first and last call. Our team can provide a full range of mobile services at an affordable price to keep your system in tip-top condition.

Offering repair services for sectional, and roller doors, we are well-positioned to meet your every need. Our team can provide garage door replacement parts. In the event there’s been a major fault, don’t despair! We can help you navigate the warranty system and get the components you need on time and with minimum fuss.

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Repair and replacement direct to your door

Show your garage the TLC that it deserves – don’t let the security of your property come into question, ensure the correct operation of your garage and keep yourselves and your property safe and secure.

When it comes to garage door repair or replacement for tilt, sectional or roller doors in Perth, our expert team of technicians are on hand. Operating across the West Coast of Australia, we boast over thirty years of experience between us, and our services have long been recommended for our hard work.

If you’re looking for a new system we can offer a full range of custom made and made-to-measure doors in both manual and automatic.

Most of the time the first thing that needs inspection is the torsion spring. This is the most frequently – and easily – repaired parts and is one we are extremely experienced in providing. You should first check that the spring simply doesn’t require lubrication. Spray or rub on white lubrication grease onto the spring and attempt to open.

If it’s still not functioning correctly, you may need our help and your spring may need replacement. In coastal areas such as Perth, salt air can rust the spring, drastically shortening its life. If you suspect rust at all, call our technicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

We supply:
– Replacement of parts
– Replacement and repair of garage door opener
– Roller door repair and replacement
– Spring repair and replacement
– Hinge replacement
– New remote controls
– Insurance claims for damages

Using a clean cloth and some WD40 (or similar), clean out the internal sections of the track – be sure to remove any dirt or moisture and do not use grease or oil on the tracks.
Use a little white lithium great spray to lubricate the steel hinges and the wheel to axle bearings.

Use a small amount of white lithium spray along to length of the garage door spring.

Although the following parts should be checked on every three to six months, they should only be serviced by a garage door repair technician.

Inspect for evidence of fraying or corrosion: if there appears to be any significant damage, call on a technician immediately (the cables are under extreme tensions and should only be adjusted by a qualified Quokka garage door repair technician).

We recommend that you regularly open and close your garage door to test the spring tension (please disengage automatic openers first). If your door maintains the appropriate tension, it should require the same level of force as it does to open it. If it doesn’t, you will need to call on the services of a technician to carry out garage door replacement in Perth.

For all of your roller and garage door repairs in Perth and Western Australia, contact Quokka Doors today. We are well versed in Australian online casinos roller and garage door repair and replacement, as well as all other services to garage doors. Call us on (08) 9400 8900 and have one of our experienced staff members organise a repair or service for you.

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Don’t go with an amateur. Get help from the Perth experts and get your door fixed faster, cheaper and better. Call Quokka Doors today on 1300 783 717 or email on [email protected] for a smoother working garage door.

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