What Are The Different Types Of Garage Doors?

19 May, 2022
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All humans like music. No matter to what extent you like it, or what genre you prefer, or how often you listen to it, we all like music.

It’s kind of the same for garage doors. You may not be consumed by them to the same degree you are by music, but all humans like garage doors – whether you know it yet or not!

Don’t believe us? How many homes on your street can you think of that don’t have a garage door? Not many, if any. The facts prove it: we love garage doors.

So, to help you understand which garage doors you love the most, the experts at Quokka Garage Doors are here to explain the different types and what’s so great about them.

Roller doors

Roller doors are an Aussie staple. Sturdy and reliable, they offer exceptional security and are generally very high value. The best things about roller doors are:

  • Reliable, simple design
    Roller doors are simply-designed and, due to this, very reliable. They roll up and down neatly on tracks, cylindrically stored above your garage entrance. Functionality issues are incredibly rare.
  • Security
    Roller doors are possibly the most secure type of door. Breaking into a locked roller door is super difficult due to its high strength design. If security is important to you, then can be rest assured when you invest in a roller door.
  • Value
    And they’re also a top value product. Quite often, they’re the most affordable type of door on the market.

Sectional doors

Sectional doors are modern and sleek in design. They’re relatively affordable and offer a broader range of aesthetic options.

  • Modern design
    Sectional doors’ popularity has spread like wildfire. Their modern and stylish design complements a range of different homes and brings your garage to life, available in a range of textures, colours, patterns, styles, etc.
  • Headroom space
    If you don’t have much headroom in your garage, then sectional doors are possibly the best garage door for you. They’re stored horizontally on tracks below the ceiling when the door is in an open position.

Decided which garage door meets your needs the best? Call Quokka Garage Doors – Perth’s finest team of retailers and repairers of garage doors. Delivering quality, locally-made doors, outstanding service results and smiles and dials for over 20 years, just remember – at Quokka’s, there’s no wokkas. Pop in to see the team today.

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